The EU Commission is strengthening its efforts to promote an effective policy for IPM. EUCLID project met with representatives of DG Agri and DG Sante to discuss on this key project issue.

On June 21, in Bruxelles, EUCLID project met representatives of DG Agri and DG Sante to get insights on the EU policies on IPM. The meetings are part of a series of initiatives carried out in WP5 in order to collect information and feedbacks from policy makers at different level. 

The Bruxelles meetings focused on EU policy effectiveness to promote IPM with farmers and consumers. After an overall presentation of Euclid Project, the EUCLID representatives shared the preliminary results of the consumers’ attitude survey and the outcomes of the first exchanges with local and national policy makers.

The Commissioners presented the implementation of EU policies, explaining the reasons of some choices done by the Commission, and offering significant indications on what will come next.

Among the information shared, the EU representatives announced that the - Directorate F - Health and Food audits and analysis of the DG SANTE, based in Ireland, is now in charge of the Directive 2009/128/EC on the sustainable use of pesticides,( formerly carried out in Bruxelles.

They also confirmed that by the end of the year, the report on the implementation of the Directive will be ready and available. This assessment is strategically important as it will be the basis for a revision of the strategy on sustainable use of pesticides.