H2020 projects for evidence-based agricultural related policies is the title of the workshop at the EU Parliament jointly organized by EUCLID and EMPHASIS, both H2020 projects promoting research and innovations on IPM.


EMPHASIS and EUCLID are multi-actor approach R&I projects addressing the needs and expectations of all interested parties in IPM, i.e. researchers, farmers, industries, consumers and policy makers.

Besides presenting the project results, the workshop hosts a roundtable targeting specifically policy makers, who need scientific evidence and advice for decision-making. The objective is to achieve a greater civil society involvement in governance and to get a closer alignment of policy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event will take relevant stakeholders through an introduction of some of the solutions for integrated pest management (IPM) developed by EMPHASIS and EUCLID, as well as a brief presentation of the challenges and attitudes of farmers towards IPM.

The point of view of consumers will also be presented to the policy-makers, in order to include their views and perception on IPM in possible policy achievements.