A field visit to an EUCLID demonstration site for lettuce in the province of Torino, Italy, was organized by partner AGROINNOVA on July 3rd 2018, in the context of the Summer School “Emerging pests and diseases in horticultural crops: innovative solutions for diagnosis and management”.

The Summer School was organized in the framework of EUCLID’s twin project H2020 EMPHASIS with the aim of training young researchers on epidemiological issues related to emerging pests and pathogens, and on innovative management strategies in horticultural systems.
Part of the training was aimed to provide skills about the use of innovative and effective diagnostic systems, with particular reference to LAMP (Loop-mediated isothermal amplification). This was considered a good change to exploit synergies between the two projects, getting the most of the activities organized in each of them, so the visit was preceded by a short presentation of EUCLID and its objectives and included EUCLID demonstration site too.
Dr. Giovanna Gilardi from AGROINNOVA, Centre of Competence for Innovation in the agro-environmental field of the University of Torino and Dr. Massimo Pugliese from AgriNewTech illustrated results obtained by optimized and innovative strategies for disease management in lettuce, developed in the context of the EUCLID project, to 30 participants from Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Croatia, Romania. Attendees were university students, PhDs and technicians, representing also SMEs, large companies and farmers.
Massimo Pugliese illustrated the production and use of compost for controlling soil-borne diseases, showing compost produced with different organic materials and results achieved by using compost in nursery and field conditions.
The attendees very much appreciated the practical aspects linked to field visit. For Lithuanian participants, it was a very exciting experience to see lettuce grown in open field, since in their own country only cultivation under protected conditions is possible.
Another field training for farmers and extension services was organized by AGROINNOVA in the province of Asti, Piedmont Region, Italy, on July 27th, 2018, focused on IPM of Fusarium wilt in tomato.