The lettuce demonstration day at IRTA was held on May 23th 2018 at IRTA Cabrils (Barcelona, Spain), and was attended by 20 farmers and technicians.

The field demonstration was explained in two rounds. During the visit to the field, we explained the different management techniques used in the EUCLID plot vs. the conventional plot. In the EUCLID plot, two optimized methods developed through the EUCLID project (ANT’s Compost and MACH1) and a copper formulation were used. In addition, a margin of the insectary plant Lobularia maritima next to the EUCLID plot help to enhance natural enemies and avoid insecticides to control aphids. In the Conventional plot, two treatments with insecticides and one with a fungicide were used for aphids and downy mildew, respectively.

EUCLID flyers were also distributed to the participants.

See here the program of the demonstration.