IRTA and UdL organized a greenhouse tomato demonstration day on July 10, 2018 at IRTA Cabrils (Barcelona, Spain), attended by 30 farmers and technicians, mainly pest control advisers. The field training offered a greenhouse visit linked to the management techniques developed in WP1-2.

The IRTA_UdL greenhouse tomato demonstration day was held on July 10, 2018 at IRTA Cabrils (Barcelona, Spain) and was attended by 30 farmers and technicians. Three talks were presented during this event, together with a field visit explaining both EUCLID and conventional plots. Talks started with an introduction of the EUCLID project, followed by an introduction of the mirid bugs used for the control of the main pests in tomato. During the visit to the field, we explained the different management techniques used in the EUCLID plot vs. the conventional plot. In the EUCLID plot, two optimized methods developed through the EUCLID project were tested, which were the use of Califol for powdery mildew and the introduction of Dicyphus sp. for Tuta absoluta and Bemisia tabaci.