Innovative solutions for farmers are developed within EUCLID by designing « IPM packages » to favour the adoption of IPM by farmers dealing with grapes, leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

EUCLID project aims to design IPM packages that include solutions developed within the project and that allow to make the research-base knowledge available to farmers (WP3). Three packages have been developed in EUCLID, addressing three important commodities (grapes, leafy vegetables and tomatoes) with their pests and pathogens.
IPM packages consist of 3 Excel-based packages (each for each crop), in which agronomical, chemical and biological strategies are indicated and integrated with novel solutions developed by EUCLID. Indications on the limits of use of chemical pesticides are also considered.
These IPM packages allow users to consider various combinations of measures to control pests and diseases, and are particularly useful for farmers in China that would like to produce according to EU standards.
IPM packages are under testing with the farmers in WP4 (first field test has just started in 2018); they will be revised afterwards, according to the outcomes in the demonstration trials.
We encourage all stakeholders to send us comments on the packages.
To get more info on the novel solutions’ implementation please contact EUCLID project.


Links to the packages:

IPM for grape    bis
IPM for lettuce 
IPM for tomato