EUCLID aims to improve the performance of management measures for a diverse set of pests and pathogens in three important commodities (grapes, leafy vegetables and tomatoes).  A total of 280 established and novel pest management measures are under consideration for inclusion in IPM packages to control up to 26 pest/pathogens across these commodities.  How are we going to track all those results?

WP3 has developed an Excel-based tool to give a framework in which the performance of individual measures can be evaluated and visualised in 6 key areas:  Reduction of losses; Health and Safety; Direct costs; Environment; Time and Management; Scale and Independence.  These were key performance Indicators identified in an extensive literature review carried out by partners VIU and Imperial. The evaluation tool allows users to consider various combinations of measures to meet different objectives for each pest and commodity. For pesticide based measures, the tool uses the Pesticide Environmental Accounting (PEA) system (Leach and Mumford 2008, 2011) to assess Health and Safety, and Environment factors in monetary terms, independent of expert opinion.

The EUCLID IPM package evaluation tool is ready for use and expert elicitations will commence in the coming quarter. 


tabella tool 1 new  
EUCLID assessment tool for selecting Commodity and Pest to assess an IPM package  
 tabella tool 2 new  
Simulated assessment results for 6 measures in a hypothetical IPM package.