Farmers & Advisors



Farmers, seed plant breeders and agricultural advisors will be among the main beneficiaries of EUCLID's results. 

EUCLID project will cover key fruit and vegetable crops for EU and China, such as tomatoes Solanum lycopersicum (both open field and greenhouse crops), vineyards Vitis vinifera (both table and wine grapes) and leafy vegetables e.g. many lettuce varieties and cabbages (Brassica spp.). 

Tomatoes Leafy vegetables Grapes

The choice of the crops of interest in EUCLID is based not only on their economic importance for both European and Chinese fruit and vegetable production, but also for their exemplarity in representing different production systems (field and greenhouse vegetables and ligneous perennial); this means that the pest management solutions of the project will serve as models for developing similar actions for other crops. In addition, these crops represent productions for which mutual benefits can be expected as an outcome for both European and Chinese farmers.

The initial stages of the project will focus firstly on the optimisation and adaptation of current pest management methods, with the goal to improve them, adapting them to both the European and Chinese context, and secondly on the development of new pest management strategies

The benefits of the strategies developed or adapted in the first stage of the project will then be evaluated jointly by researchers and groups of stakeholders, including farmers. The analysis that will result by this process will help the researchers to adjust their solutions. Only the most effective solutions will be combined into IPM packages and tested in the field demonstration activities that will take place in the last stage of the project.  

The demonstration sites in Europe and China will host technical visits/trainings for various stakeholders, including farmers, in order to demonstrate the overall added value of IPM optimized methods in an integrated approach